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Your company’s construction project can proceed without a hitch if you do it accurately. With Accurate Construction, you can enjoy the benefits of our single source responsibility while maintaining complete control over your project.

We never forget that you’re the boss and that it’s your money we spend.

Accurate takes care of all details, working with you one-on-one to simplify your building decisions, ensure quality workmanship at each step, reduce construction time and keep your costs in line.

We take personal responsibility and professional pride in leading your project smoothly to its completion.

Turnkey construction with single source responsibility:

  1.   Consultation

  2.   Budget planning

  3.   Preliminary design

  4.   Site preparation

  5.   Building erection

  6.   Interior finishing

  7.   Landscaping


Accurate Construction

We’re every bit as good as our name.

Keith Buvinghausen, President

Office: 281.341.9175

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